Server Address:
Another Vanilla
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Welcome to Another Vanilla! Here you will find the rules, a link to our live online server map, and a link to join our Discord.

How to join Another Vanilla

- Open Minecraft
- Go to the "Play Multiplayer" screen and click "Add Server"
- For "Server Adress" put in ""
- Click "Done" and then you can join our server.

See you there!


Please consider voting daily for our server. This helps people find Another Vanilla and helps us grow. You will receive 3 emeralds per vote, which means you can earn 15 emeralds per day. You will also get 1 vote point per vote. You can spend these in the voting shop that you can access by doing /votegui in game and clicking the diamond. Click here to go to the list of websites to vote on.


Please consider donating through our store. Every donation counts, and helps us keep the server running! Donate, and you'll get a fancy blue name, access to the /hat command (put any block on your head), the ability to join the server when it's full, and full access to the heads database (which has over 25,000 decorative heads to choose from).